Hello and welcome to Bag of Fur. Yeah, it’s a funny name, right? Yuna, the Whippet is my Bag of Fur, because she is so soft. But she goes by many, many names. Here is the list:
Trail mix
Bag of bones
Senorita stinky breath
Miss poopoo paws
And the list goes on:-)
Yuna is a 7 yrs old female Whippet, born in Aberdeen, Scotland. She is the sweetest dog and makes me so happy to be her mama.
We met while I was living in Scotland, in 2014. She was a skinny little thing with fleas. I took her home, gave her a bath and food, and we have been inseparable since then. Sometimes life was hard and everything was dark but I had to get out of bed to walk her and to feed her. We met people while on our walks. Life got better.
We traveled together and eventually moved to Colorado, in Fort Collins. We love it here. All the trails to visit, squirrels and bunnies to chase and the sun and warm weather.
I’m the human, Yuna’s guardian. My name is Ingrid. Born in Brazil, Norwegian citizen, world traveler. I love trail running, plant-based foods, a chemical free environment and the outdoors. Here, I will be sharing lots of great tips, how-to, DIY and a part of our life here in Colorado.
Lots of Love,
Yuna and Ingrid